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Land Aquired

37 Acre's of Land Aquired by Punjab State Electricity Board on the Ludhiana-Pakhowal Road (On left hand near canal) for the purpose of constructing a new 440/220KV Sub Station.

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Qila Raipur constituency Punjab is at higher stage of development than other constituencies in India. Find more about villages, life events, activities, news and rural development in Qila Raipur, Punjab.
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Family Tree
(Category/Patti Wise)

The village is divided into eight Categories (Pattian) and also four other parts are there known as Thoola's. You can go directly to one of these category or thoola by clicking their name below:

Ajaib Patti
Hari Chand Patti
Jetha Patti
Umarshah Patti
Ramu Patti
Wighamal Patti
Mehra Patti
Wajira Patti

Parooj (Patti Hari Chand)
Baagha (Patti Wajira)
Mahia (Patti Wighamal)
Kooma (Patti Mehra)

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